Negotiating instinctively – inspiration, blind habit or recklessness? Being unaware is negotiating death. Instinct feels right, feels free, feels unpredictable, but there is no escaping a pattern. There is no such thing as no technique. Personality styles mean there is a pattern in there somewhere.

Gut-feel negotiators can often ‘read the play’ on the back of years of experience, seeming to not need a technique. How many avoidable losses have built that experience – avoidable if someone had coached them directly, in their early days?

And how do they, now, teach others? “Watch and learn kid”? Learn what exactly? Do you really want inexperienced negotiators using instinct?

How do we articulate and build a corporate negotiating culture – a reliable, successful style used by others? Or is there too much invested in being the ‘old dog’?

Instinct works best alongside choices. Without choice, we just have habits – same old reflex.

Which brings us back to technique as a means of talking about what we want negotiations to be like, and breaking free from control by personality and habits. Every sportsperson dedicates themselves to refining technique. Every courtroom lawyer understands the strategic move. Every doctor the evidence-based way.

When you have technique, then you can break it at the right time.  Without choice, all you can do is react. With choice you can thoughtfully respond according to your plan. Respond, not react.

You want your young negotiators to learn technique.
You want your ‘old dog’ to replicate themselves across the company.
Only a question of which technique and how.

What is a 5-10% improvement on a single deal worth to you? How long will it take you to make the ROI? You want your negotiators to learn well, from the best. Choose premium providers.

ENS International is the premium. A global model, over 35 years, delivered in 67 countries and in 12 languages.
It offers a clear, memorable technique, empowering your strategic choices.

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