Below par, and getting by, is common. It seems acceptable because there is nothing seriously wrong. No alarm bells, like the frog in slowly boiling water. It acclimatises. If however it was dropped into hot water, it would know to get out fast.

Its the numbness, and its the giving in to yourself. Your brain tells you, but your body doesn’t listen. The problem is, what you feel is bearable pain, seemingly preferable to the effort of being and feeling healthy. The most seductive kind of pain. A languishing status quo. A bored, mosquito-ridden indolence. Sweating in apathy, when the cool, invigorating ocean is just over the sand dune. The pleasure having no drawing power.

Its time to snap out of it!! Pull your ‘selfs’ together. The effort of that sand-dune, the cool breeze on your sweat, and the pleasure of your swim, will far exceed anything the swamp has to offer. You agree. But the effort… oh that effort. I’m here to help you with that effort. Connect. Get started.