He’s a miner in the Hunter Valley, who wishes he had crossed paths with Beyond Blue sooner. A year ago he had attempted suicide, and having spent one hour on the subject in a Beyond Blue session, he can now see what was going wrong for him. Literally “I wish I’d heard this a year ago, it would have prevented my suicide attempt”.

He was an owner builder, and every night he went to bed with his plans, but those plans never worked out the next day. This was so distressing, that it led to his attempted suicide, in that house.

How did it come to this? We can speculate…

  • Lack of sleep? Long days working, then owner building, and planning into the night. Poor sleeping routines damage ability to concentrate. They isolate from other members of the family. There is no downtime.
  • His head on the pillow – how long does he lie awake? What specifically was he thinking about – his successes, his mistakes, problems going through his mind. Endless analytical planning, and perhaps perfectionism – the remote possibility inevitable, the smallest error a catastrophe.
  • What deep-seated beliefs were being challenged? I’m not the son my builder dad expected; I’m not the husband/provider I should be; I’m a failure at something.
  • Lack of self-awareness about mental health – he did not frame his unhappiness in terms of mental health, he did not see his suicide attempt coming (or felt helpless to prevent it), and even after his non-fatal suicide attempt, he still had not, a year later, properly debriefed his experience.

…until Beyond Blue came along. We’re still at awareness stage for many people.

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