Introducing participants to the complexity of negotiation and influencing skills, Stage 1 focuses on building your negotiation confidence.

Stage 1 has been designed to empower and build capability through practical hands-on experiential exercises. Providing insights into effective strategies and how to employ tactics to achieve goals in personal and professional situations, participants workshop real life cases.

Being the initial module in a three-phased approach, Stage 1 develops and improves foundational negotiation and influencing skills.
ENS International recommends participants complete the Stage 2 & 3 modules to achieve optimum results and deepen negotiating understanding and implementation. Each learning module has been developed to increase competency through increased immersion.

This expands the Engaging Resilience session, and explores the role of the workplace leader in managing development of corporate skills, and also personal coping strengths.

Content frames the leadership challenge of first being your best self, including practice exercises in mindfulness and
self awareness. As a leader we explore appropriate empathy, and building motivating and trusting relationships.

This expands Starting to be Resilient, and adds participant assessment of their current coping skills and where to focus on development.

Content includes the use of the Adult Coping scale (short) to assess mental resilience, basics of Neuroscience of resilience, and an introduction to mindfulness and types of helpful exercise.

Process includes mini-lecture, regular group discussion, personal reflection, some practice, accelerated learning techniques.