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Connect & Influence

Be strategic

Adapt & Overcome

There’s always another way.

Leadership & Supervision

Managers who find their inner conviction – know who they are and what they stand for – will present as better and more inspiring leaders


Become the master of process - hope is not a strategy


Maximise your synergy - use all your teams’ skills to be outstanding

Transition to Retirement

How to use your last 10 years of work, to prepare for the next 30 years in retirement? Languish or kick on? You deserve to make the most from your experience

Top Talent

How to deliver your company’s best, at their best.

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The suicide rate for both men and women approaching retirement age (55-64 yrs) has risen by over 50% in the last 10 years. Why this group? Baby boomers – of...

Challenging Leaders

What do we expect from our leaders? What we too often see however are values in compartments – universal values that apply here, but not over here, or not there;...

Climate change

So you walk in to see your client and they are cranky, surrounded by noise, and as you raise your voice to talk to them, they constantly check their watch....