Whilst competencies describe behaviours a company wants, none of them describe the human engine-room that powers their use. Mental health awareness is reminding us of first principles. If we’re not mentally healthy, corporate competencies are irrelevant – they are not available to the person trying to apply them. Behavioural competencies were designed to measure the […]

A marriage separation has broken his heart. “She’s up the road with another fella, I’ve got the kids”. His mates must know – but how much do they know? He still turns up for work, keeps to himself, does his job. ‘Yeah – he’s fine.’ Except…. “When I go home from work, I wait for […]

…says a mother to her son. He was 40 years old and had no idea what she was talking about, but he knew he didn’t like it. My friend shared this with me in a Seoul restaurant. As we had facilitated /translated emotional intelligence together over some years, he had clearly started to apply some […]

If 80% of the outcome of a negotiation can be attributable to the preparation, then quick footwork when face to face must account for the rest. Right? The popular culture of good negotiating does appear to favour the gambler. The tricks, shout downs, stubbornness and on the spot, tactical play seem to be the focus […]