The suicide rate for both men and women approaching retirement age (55-64 yrs) has risen by over 50% in the last 10 years. Why this group? Baby boomers – of all groups. The great promise of reward for effort is deserting some of us. The need to adapt is an evolutionary imperative, but some are reaching […]

What do we expect from our leaders? What we too often see however are values in compartments – universal values that apply here, but not over here, or not there; to me but not to you – neat ways of dismantling conscience. We are tired, are we not, of watching senior directors walk away from […]

There is never just one need. There are always more. The milk-run salesperson accepts the first one that appears, tries to meet it and moves on. Busy right? Lots to do. Efficient. Except they don’t learn anything. Without learning, a salesperson is at the mercy of the market. The successful salesperson moulds the market, and […]

He’s a miner in the Hunter Valley, who wishes he had crossed paths with Beyond Blue sooner. A year ago he had attempted suicide, and having spent one hour on the subject in a Beyond Blue session, he can now see what was going wrong for him. Literally “I wish I’d heard this a year ago, […]

Negotiating instinctively – inspiration, blind habit or recklessness? Being unaware is negotiating death. Instinct feels right, feels free, feels unpredictable, but there is no escaping a pattern. There is no such thing as no technique. Personality styles mean there is a pattern in there somewhere. Gut-feel negotiators can often ‘read the play’ on the back […]