“Sometimes they can be just so stupid! Why does the other party act the way they do? Whatever happened to common sense?” It’s all too familiar. Another way to think of this is: “what am I missing?” When ‘their’ behaviour doesn’t match our logic, its easier to call out their behaviour, take a superior position, […]

How do people differentiate between fake and real news? And if we are in a negotiation, how do we apply our bullsh!t meter to detect spin, distraction or straight deception? From the other side of the table we might ask: how do we propagate inaccurate beliefs? How do we affirm a false sense of accuracy […]

To ‘win’ in a negotiation, you must be in control. Is this true? (Yes…business requires strong leadership) Is this absolutely true? Well, sometimes strong leaders fail. Control can’t be effective in every situation, can it? Most business negotiations will be about 3 things: the returns to the business, the management of risk, and the security […]

The suicide rate for both men and women approaching retirement age (55-64 yrs) has risen by over 50% in the last 10 years. Why this group? Baby boomers – of all groups. The great promise of reward for effort is deserting some of us. The need to adapt is an evolutionary imperative, but some are reaching […]

What do we expect from our leaders? What we too often see however are values in compartments – universal values that apply here, but not over here, or not there; to me but not to you – neat ways of dismantling conscience. We are tired, are we not, of watching senior directors walk away from […]