How will you finish your working life? Will you still be building and creating, or floating to old age like a twig on the ebb tide? Those last 10 years of work are not the slow down they once were.

The old narrative was that these were the glory years – working, building up wealth, kid-free independence, enjoy the grandkids, give them back, second honeymoon or even second marriage.

These days there is still a lot to do – pay off debt, build financial security, see off the kids, stay employed. And at 50 that may be harder than it looks. Redundancy, redeployment may force your hand to come up with something else – but what else? What could you do apart from what you are doing now? How much do you love what you are doing now anyway? In the meantime, just hang in there?
‘Hanging in there’ sounds a lot like hoping – and hope is not a strategy. What is your back-up plan? You need one – for these reasons. Your employment is not secure like it was. Getting another job at 50 is a challenge for all 50 yr olds. Maybe you don’t love what you do anymore – even more vulnerable now.
Its time to come up with something else – now – while you are working, while you are secure.
I can help.