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Managers who find their inner conviction – know who they are and what they stand for – will present as better and more inspiring leaders


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Transition to Retirement

How to use your last 10 years of work, to prepare for the next 30 years in retirement? Languish or kick on? You deserve to make the most from your experience

Top Talent

How to deliver your company’s best, at their best.

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“Sometimes they can be just so stupid! Why does the other party act the way they do? Whatever happened to common sense?” It’s all too familiar. Another way to think...

Fake negotiations

How do people differentiate between fake and real news? And if we are in a negotiation, how do we apply our bullsh!t meter to detect spin, distraction or straight deception?...

Controlling negotiators

To ‘win’ in a negotiation, you must be in control. Is this true? (Yes…business requires strong leadership) Is this absolutely true? Well, sometimes strong leaders fail. Control can’t be effective...